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George Washington's Letter to House of Burgesses

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House of Burgesses Letter

(No date given)

To the speaker and gentlemen of the House of Burgesses,

We, the officers of the Virginia Regiment, are highly sensibleof the particular Mark of Distinction, with which you have honoured Us, in returning your Thanksfor our Behaviour in the late Action; and can not help testifying our grateful Acknowldgements for your high senseof what We shall always esteem a Duty to our Country and the best of Kings.

Favoured with your Regard, We shall zealously endeavour to deserve your Applause, and, by our future Actions, strive to convince the Worshipful House of Burgesses, how much we Esteem their Approbation; and as it ought to be, Regard it as the Voice of our Country.

Signed for the whole corp,